My name is Emily, I’m a twenty-something-year-old aspiring writer and student nurse in second year. I use this blog to post about issues that may be affecting me personally or closely and if you check regularly you may even see a glimpse of a novel I’m currently writing.

I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder at fourteen. It was around the age of 19 that I really started to become involved with bringing mental illness out of the shadows when one of my friends – who was studying journalism and had read one of my unpublished novels asked me whether I was interested in being the interviewee in an article she was writing for a uni magazine. It was the least I could do because let me tell you, my finished novels are not short stories and she critiqued it all.

The article was published in the Feb 2011 edition of Togatus and I apologise for not being more simple in adding a link but it can be found here: http://issuu.com/togatus/docs/togatus_issue_1_2011.

Here is some things you should know about me:

I have a personal vendetta on cyber bullying after too many youth have taken their lives over it, and please do NOT get me started on some of the repulsive comments I’ve seen on youtube – because I assure you that I will not shut up – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Writing – for me – is a passion. Even if I never get published I will keep writing, because it keeps me happy in the same way nicotine keeps smokers non-aggressive; it’s an addiction, yes, but writing is a gene that I am very privileged to be born with.


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  1. A. says:

    Hey, I relate to a lot of your posts and mind-scattered living (I mean that in honest, sincere , relatable way). I’ve with anxiety, depression, eating issues, ocd, in my 30’s…actually going thru a “life crisis” myself and would LOVE your perspective…an unbiased perspective from someone with an “unquiet” mind like me might be nice….just email me if so 🙂 Thanks!!!

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