World Suicide Prevention Day

So today is WSPD (World Suicide Prevention Day). The biggest killer in young people isn’t leukaemia or Muscular Dystrophy, Motor Neuron Disease or even motor vehicle accidents: It’s suicide. I’ve been to pretty dark places in my life, I’ve been completely suicidal a handful of times – and I’ve attempted once. I read a handbook once and it read that: Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem and that’s exactly what it is. Usually people become suicidal because of an undiagnosed mental illness which can be effectively treated with the right support and medication. I get a little heated when people say they think it’s selfish to kill yourself, because when all you feel is that the world is better without you and that you’re a burden on everyone I can guarantee anyone would consider it a worthy option. Suicide doesn’t discriminate; as doesn’t depression. I was brought up in a family with parents together, earning a solid income. I wasn’t affected with toxic relationships – excluding my brother. I had true friends, a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in and food on the table. The only four factors I really had was a bit of school bullying, sensitivity, shyness and genetics – but any depressive knows you don’t need those things to become depressed.

For the parent/caregiver/friend of the individual

The best thing you can do for someone who you suspect is suicidal is ask them straight out, “Do you want to die?” I know it’s forward but my mum always asks, “You’re not going to hurt yourself, are you?” Suicide hurts less than the pain that person is going through and the person feels bad to say yes. It’s like a doctor asking a smoker, “You don’t smoke do you?” I know in my experience that the forward, non-judgmental questions are the ones I said yes to.

If they answer yes, I know it’s really hard to do this but DO NOT FREAK OUT! This’ll just make you sick because once the person is in the dark hole of suicide it’s logistically impossible for them to listen or value your concern. Take them swiftly to the doctor or hospital (whichever is closest) and they’ll decide what needs to happen.

Mum and Dad hated me being in an adolescent psychiatric unit, with cameras everywhere, but I was too sick to care. Don’t feel guilty loved ones it’s not your fault.

For the Individual

If you are considering suicide ask yourself, is this problem really big enough to end your life? I had psychosis the first time I was suicidal and I thought I was responsible for people dying of cancer and world poverty so maybe a better thing to do is to just talk it out with your mum or dad or friend. Tell them why you want to die and if it’s psychosis they’ll understand very quickly that your thinking isn’t in touch with reality.

If you’re thinking of killing yourself for a less pathological reason ask yourself this: Is ___ worth the death penalty?

1. Is failing a semester worth the death penalty?

2. Is my parents divorce worth the death penalty?

3. Is my boyfriend breaking up with me worth the death penalty?

And always remember when you go, your pets will always miss you!

Seeking help is the best bravery a person can have:) Before you act, aim to tell one trusted person about how you’re feeling – you won’t realise how much pain you’ve been holding till you do!

People usually attempt suicide because of a chemical imbalance in the brain, do you really want to kill yourself because of an ENZYME!” – Author unknown

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2 Responses to World Suicide Prevention Day

  1. Love this post! It’s great to see a new perspective on the big things such as this =)

    • emilyitb says:

      Thanks so much!! I was inspired by young people who I either knew personally or knew OF who took their own lives.
      No one should die like that. I appreciate your support.

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