I couldn’t tempt anyone with a free movie ticket:( It’s a shame we feel as humans feel so ashamed about abuse, isn’t it? I thought this post could be focused on something like university.

Those who know me know I undertake a nursing degree at university. Although I’m only away from home . . . 3-4 nights a week it’s still hard to see a degree at the end of it all. I’ve had a lot of downs and not a great amount of highs, solely on the fact that I don’t make friends the same way other students do. I’m not the kind of person you’d find laughing with a huge bunch of friends at a nightclub for example. You’re more likely to find me feeding or caring for my blind cat Wilson or spending quality time with my family. I still meet with friends at home but in a quieter atmosphere, less “claustrophobic”.

Maybe if my self-esteem was higher I would venture out more and mingle more. Social phobia sucks, but I’ve come a long way since high school when I used to shy away from any social situation, including class.

I’m a teetotaler, which means that I abstain from drinking alcoholic drinks. Some people may think I’m being a goody-goody but as I have a mental illness I choose not to drink at social events as a taste for alcohol could quickly become an addiction. I also don’t look forward to the after-effects of getting “drunk”. I realise that a little alcohol is a good thing (calms the mood, increases confidence in social situation and red wine has antioxidants)  and a many people don’t drink to the point of toxicity, but it is a choice I made for my mental health.

I’m getting hungry so I’d best be off, but what type of social person are you?

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2 Responses to Teetotaling!

  1. Hooray for teetoalling! =P I don’t drink for different reasons to you, but no one should ever look down on anyone elses reasons for abstaining or not from a substance/food/etc. Sadly, people still do. I don’t particularly like the taste of some alcoholic drinks, like you, but I also am not going to go out of my way to find one I like. I just don’t see the point when I am happy without it. Sure, maybe it would make social outings ‘easier’ but I’m happy without that. I want to have friends I can hang with in an environment I like being in, not friends who I have to go ‘out’ to be able to spend any time with them. I just don’t like putting unnecessary drugs in my system if I can help it. This year I quit caffeine completely for a while (I am now having a cup of tea every other day or so) and it made me feel so much better in the long run because I was sleeping better and I wasn’t dependednt on it in the mornings and I didn’t get headaches anymore when I hadn’t had any.

    I agree that being a teetoaller and not really enjoying the ‘night out’ scene makes it hard to make friends for people our age. But in truth I don’t really want to be doing those things with friends anyway. Also there are plenty of other people just like us, they are just harder to find because… well, because they are just like us! =)

    I feel the same way about uni, or a similar way anyway. I thought I’d be relieved to be graduating soon but I have no idea what I am doing once it is all over and that is a scary thought. On one hand I can’t wait to not have to deal with the stress anymore, but not knowing at all what I’m going to be doing in a few months time is very scary.

    • emilyitb says:

      Thanks so much for this:) It’s good to know there are people out there – even if they are friends – who agree we shouldn’t feel bad about choosing not to drink. I’m a bit naughty with caffeine. I get most of mine from naughtier sources like chocolate and diet coke but because caffeine is a diuretic it takes away sodium in urine – which is good thing – but where the sodium goes water follows, giving you a headache which I do find with caffeine as well. See my nursing knowledge isn’t so bad after all haha 😛

      As for the year I graduate – hopefully summer next year – I’m not going to be too selective about where I start off. Everybody who listens to my harping knows what I want to do long-term but if I have to wait it out in acute care until I get there – I will. I’m just hoping I won’t have to be an RN in a nursing home – faaar too stressful.

      That being said, even though the jobs in Tassie are becoming less available there’s so much diversity and I will move if I have to. I don’t know about science though, so I do really feel for you about that. Keep your head high and your eyes open, always follow your heart:)

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